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Gather around a unique game experience: the perfect blend of board & video games that gives life to your cards, pawns & dice.

Discover SquareOne®

SquareOne® is a gaming console that melds traditional board games and video games combining the best of what physical and digital gaming has to offer. It is the promise of a new world of gaming through an interactive and immersive game play experience thanks to connected objects. Let the visual animations and sound immersion of video games merge with the physical interactions of board games.

Your board games will never be the same again

The best part of playing board games is having fun together. Games are a powerful way to build connections between people. For this reason, Wizama has created a new universe of gaming to recreate bonds between families and friend  by providing an enjoyable experience, whether around a single table or playing virtually with new friends from around the world.

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    Save your game and resume it later!

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    Discover the rules with interactive tutorials.

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    Play in the language of your choice (English, German, French, …).

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    From solo to up to 8 players simultaneously.

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    High quality audio speakers for sound and music.

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    Play remotely with your favorite playmates wherever they are.

Play with real objects

With SquareOne®, cards, pawns, dice and other connected objects are the game controllers you can manipulate to progress in your games. This interactivity guarantees a lively and spectacular gaming experience.

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Simply place the card on the side of the console: it is immediately recognized, comes to life on the screen and defines what your next turn will be.

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Bring your own character to life by touching, moving and/or rotating the associated pawn all over the screen. Movements of your figures are detected in real-time.

Dice track
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You will be delighted to know that SquareOne® comes with the world’s first connected dice track. Allowing you to feel the dice rolling in your hand like any board game. Whether you roll a 6-sided or 10-sided die, the dice track detects your result, sends it to the console, and instantly displays all your resulting options on the screen.

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Gaming custom board

From one game to another, the board of the SquareOne® can be customized. This overall border will be an integral part of the game options allowing to interact with the cards or place your pawns according to the rules and mechanisms.

Custom board

A little bit of technique ?


• Multi-touch display TFT-LCD active matrix 19-inch
• Screen size: 19,21 x 16,85 x 1,10 inches / 488 x 428 x 28 mm
• Weight: 11 pounds / 5 kg
• Screen ratio: 5:4.2
• Wide-viewing angle: 178°
• Hardless surface
• Anti-reflective coating
• Touch display with up to 20 touch points simultaneously
• Touch response <5ms


• Hexa-core ARM
• Disk 32GB (up to 64GB)
• Two speaker audio
• Operating system: Android Stack


• Cloud storage
• Power adapter (US, UK, Europe)
• 2 USB-c port
• Wi-fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
• Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
• NFC (Near Field Communication) technology
• Default languages: English, German, Spanish, French (up to 32)


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