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You will find on this page the frequenty asked questions about the SquareOne. If you can’t find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

We estimate a delivery date for December 2021. This is the required time to finalize the manufacturing process, produce all necessary SquareOne® and ship them to you. It’s also the time needed for our partners to finalize all the games and experiences that will be available at the reception. And we include a safety margin, in case we come across any unforeseen circumstances. It is in our best interest to get the SquareOne® to our first clients as soon as possible and we will do our best to avoid any delay.

Yes. Developers are welcome.
SquareOne has been thought as a developer console. Once registered as a developer, you will be able to submit your game in our developer platform for approval. After this step, if your game is using physical pieces, you will be contacted by our team to discuss about it, and after a few weeks, your game will be available on our Store for every SquareOne user.
Every developer will have to register on the Wizama Developer Platform that will be online around March 2021. With this registration, you will have access to the SDK, to a SQ1 simulator, to documentations etc… With these tools, you will be able to develop a game for the SquareOne and test it on every console directly.

English, German and French will be available on the console interface when delivered.
For the games, it will be up to Developpers choices.
More languages will come in 2022.

We plan to have around fifty games in the catalog by the end of 2021, thanks to our own studio, partner studios and independent developers. We have already some well-known IPs (Ticket to Ride+GOT+Terraforming Mars from Asmodee, Ravensburger’s Ramses and Labyrinth, Cthulhu, Urban Rivals, Not Alone, The Crew). And we are still in negotiations with several others which will be revealed during the next weeks.
The success and your support will definitively help us to close some deals and to open new ones.

The games will be available on our store which will be online in October 2021. But before, pre-ordering will be available on Indiegogo On Demande.

You can watch our videos on our Youtube channel. You will find teasers with author interviews, gameplay sessions or an introduction to certain rules of the game.

The prices have a wide range depending on the games and in particular the material needed (specific cards, figurines, etc.).
The games price will vary from free to 80 euros for Cthulhu Wars which is our biggest current game for now in terms of price (by far).
Some 100% digital will be between 2 and 10 €. Other (Labyrinth, Urban Rivals or Cyrstal Bay for instance) between 25-45€. Games using the basic hardware included with the console will therefore be the cheapest or even free.

Yes, there will be RPGs in the future.
SquareOne is made for all kind of games, RPG included of course. SquareOne aims to become the first RPG console, combining physical and digital content. With our dice track and thx to integrated artificial intelligence, SquareOne can either take the role of the Game Master or help the player who wants to do it for instance.
No licences yet to share with you, but work in progress. We had developed a demo of a RPG game. We had received good feedback from the public at trade shows. :). We will share a video about it in a few days.

SquareOne has a 32GB storage disk. Games will be specificaly developed for the SquareOne.
Based on existing games or games in development, we estimate that internal storage should allow for around 100 games. They will use between 10Mo to 1GB.
So, no worry, you will have plenty of space to get all the games you love. And, we will have a Cloud accessible from the console allowing you to save games outside the console. So it will be possible anyway to uninstall / reinstall the games at will.

It is quite easy. You just have to connect it to the console. On the top of the console screen, there is the dice icon that lights up in white when the track is connected.
The dice track detects your result, sends it to the console, and instantly displays all your resulting options on the screen. The dice roll is detected, through a patented optical infrared technology, even in dark environments.
The dice track can read up to 5 dice and the dice is completely passive, without battery.

Squareone is a board game console. It is much more of a tablet thanks to the gaming experience combining physical and digital. The joysticks are the pawns, the cards and the dice. Its size and design are thought to facilitate our ways of playing together. We respect the codes and rules that are specific to video games and boardgames. The way to play it is thought out so that the interaction with people is fluid. It is composed of sensors allowing to interact with the objects. As you may play with a console and have also games on your smartphones or board games, SquareOne offers a different way to play.

To date, no battery is planned. At least not internally.
An alternative that we are working on, however, would be to be able to plug an external battery into the SquareOne.

No worry about it. We can drop liquid on it so you can have your favorite drink while you play. But avoid putting it in the washing machine 🙂

No. All players will need to have the game on the console.

No. It is a specific and dedicated device for the SquareOne.

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