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Do you prefer strategy or memory? Competition or cooperation? Whatever your preferences, in our first games you will find what you need. Ready?

Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay logo

Become the most famous Crystal fisherman in the Bay !

Urban Rivals art
Urban Rivals logo

Build the ultimate deck to controle the whole Clint City!

Cthulhu Wars art
Cthulhu Wars logo

Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth?

The Crew art
The Crew logo

Rediscover the award-winning game with more than 50 exciting missions

Chromacy art
Chromacy logo

Be the best alchemist player of the Kingdom of Bilborum’s most famous game.

Terraforming Mars art
Terraforming Mars logo

Will you be able to lead humanity into a new era?

Ramses art
Ramses logo
Ravensburger logo

Let’s go on a Pharaoh Ramses treasure hunt!

Element Fight art
Element Fight logo

1 ball, 2 magicians teams. Master the elements and fight!

Broken Thread art
Broken Thread logo

Collaborate to escape alive from this space station inhabited by a mysterious creature…

Labyrinth art
Labyrinth logo
Ravensburger logo

Move around the shifting paths of the famous Labyrinth in a race to collect various treasures!

Not Alone art
Not Alone logo

Discover the planet Artemia… and keep an eye as you may not be alone!

Ticket To Ride art
Ticket To Ride logo

“All abooooord!”

Game Of Thrones art
Game Of Thrones logo

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die” – Cersei Lannister.

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    Diversity for all players

    Playing SquareOne® is about discovering new ways to play. It is also and above all to be able to bring together around the console all those with whom we like to have a good time whether they are regular or occasional players, whether they are 8 years old or 55, whether they prefer mastering cards or the uncertainty of dice rolls.

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    Adaptations that reinvent famous and award-winner games

    Board games such as PyramidRamses II or Cthulhu Wars will be deliver an interactive gameplay enriched by the visual and sound effects of SquareOne®. Those from video games, such as Urban Rivals, find a physical extension that renews the very essence of the original game as we know it.

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    Unique original games

    Wizama, with its own studio, will publish several games per year in collaboration with well-known authors like Roberto Fraga for Crystal Bay or up and coming like Thomas Russier with Broken Thread. Tomorrow, with its open-platform for independents, it is the guarantee of a multitude of creations coming to enrich the catalog.

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    A coming store to order online

    All games will be available on our store in 2021 on our website and on the console. You will be able to create your account there, pre-order your games to have them delivered to your home and accumulate loyalty points to obtain bonuses or discounts.

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